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    Electronic Rust Prevention System

    Has anyone ever used one of these electronic rust prevention systems on a Ski before. Not real sure if they can be but you would think that if it's attached to the engine block it should help in the prevention of rust on most of your ski.

    What do you think?

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    ski is not made of metal so it isnt like a car with a steel/metal frame or chassis.... you would need to run the cable to every metal part in the ski..

    i have these things on our 4wd and they do work.. but multiple units on the car.. its parked outside in the salt air and it does work well.. but on the ski??? just wash it down every few rides and spray the engine bay etc.. is what i normally do..

    interesting to see long term comparisons though...

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    I think you could gain 4 mph with the money you would waste on that thing.

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