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    Had a great time in Alabama...........

    After I picked up my ski from Ben in Mississippi, I crusied over to Alabama and rode with a few members, MR Millenium, mudslanger and gofastguru. Great bunch of guys to hang around and ride with. Still trying to figure out my handling issues on this ski.

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    great to have you get those riva extended trim tabs and good sponsons. that boat feels so light I loved it .run a loose bass boat alot .it was made to turn and burn fun fun bouy boat it needs the stuff to keep it in the water gary hass loved it to . sorry I had to work so tearing up everywhere.suface temp was about 90 hot water.come back soon love the hull so much potential those tabs will help alot

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    Thanks Frank we enjoyed having you. and really liked what you have done to the ski. personally i like the feel of the lightened hull and the loose feel of being on the edge. there is a lot of speed left in that boat wish you had more time to hand out and see the sights. we are still trying it set a date for the weekend ride in the gulf. we will let u know when we get it worked out.

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