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Thread: VXR 1st Mods

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    VXR 1st Mods

    I have 9.5 hours on the new yami and ready to order some goodies, but have a couple questions. I am new to the game. Love this ski btw!

    1) Riva FF exhaust. How bad is the drone? Through hull sounds great, but I am not drilling a hole in my ski.
    2) R&D grate.
    3) R&D Power Filter. What is the risk of water ingestion? Is this an issue with aftermarket filters? I like the Riva setup, but cant give up front storage.

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    Congrats on the new ski!
    1) Pretty noisy at low RPMs but once you get up around 30 MPH you cant really tell a difference when your on the ski.
    2)MUST HAVE!!!!!
    3) I wouldnt worry at all about water injestion, wont happen. If you get the Riva, you can get a rear storage, thats what I did, but you either need an exhaust block of (under $10) or a new exhaust. I have two VXRs one with Riva intake, and 1 with R&D, no real constant performance differences in the two.
    Hope this helps.

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    Congratulations on your new toy. If you're concerned about the drone it is terrible at 5K with the FF, however it is totally gone when using theRiva rear exhaust. I definitely recommend the rear exhaust if concerned about any drone, you won't be happy otherwise. Good luck and take care, Julio...

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    Dude, save your money and wait to next year to mod the ski. The thru hull exhaust is a good mod for making the ski sound strong. I put all the mods available minus the ECU...even went a step further and had the ski's ride plate modded..... Pockets are empty and the ski is slower than stock......... trust me save your cash and enjoy the ski "as is" ...........

    ITZ"slow azz"Munch lol lol lol

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    This was this Saturday

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You have heard both sides of it.

    Abra is showing large gains, and itzamunch is showing losses.

    I wiould wait until a more developed and tested product line is available, but 73.4 is definately faster than stock...
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