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    2007 stx12f what are the best pistons ?

    Ive looked at wsm pistons , sbt any others out there and does anyone know who makes the best pistons for this unit ?

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    what are you trying to do?


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    If you had some piston detonation issue on your 12F, you need to look else where for the cause/solution not the pistons.

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    Ok i kinda know that i think my sister gave me bad gas and it melted the pistons to the top ring so reguardless i need new pistons

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    On my unit it cooked 3 of the pistons rite to the top ring i think the fuel had water in it ... Have you heard about these units having a problem with the ecu"s i know that would make it detonate too any ideas ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris alix View Post
    melted the pistons
    Bad gas with water melting the pistons, are you sure?
    I've seen erroded ones but not melted 12F pistons. Got pics?

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