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    15f rpms vs 100 degree air temp question

    2010 origianlly setup back in dec (avg air temps 60-70) with free flow exhaust & intake and solas 14/20 would easily turn 7000 plus 2 or 3 bars and sometimes 4.

    100 degree air temp now and turning just 7000 and the mid to top range feels flat. is this to be expected? machine has 40 hours on it now and the fuel pump sock was clean as new when recently inspected and plugs are new. pump bearings and seals were replaced recently with no change to rpms.

    the pump bearings are another story, the rear bearing was not positioned far enough in the pump housing from the factory, shaft on opposite side only penetrated two of the grease seals and did not completely penetrate the third seal. allowed some play in the axial dimension and started wearing out the other two grease seals with in 15 hours of use. word to the wise check your stuff, the dealer would have never caught this until after complete failure.

    thanks in advance
    bandm hx

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    its normal for you to lose some power in the heat.


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    agreed but what is reasonable? my other completely stock 15f is still turning 7000 plus 2 bars or more.

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