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    Exclamation 2004 F-12 Knock Sensor code 25

    I keep getting a code 25. I have replaced my spark plugs, replaced the knock sensor as well. I drive the craft for a while, it runs great, then it will throw the code. I shut it down for a couple of minutes and then it will drive fine for another 10 minutes, then throw the code again. I hoping that it is not the ecu, but I am not sure what else to check. Has anyone else had these reoccurring codes? What else can I inspect?

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    I got the same code this weekend. Just ordered a knock sensor that is on back order from Japan per Honda store in toledo. My Ski is doing the exact same thing yours is. I am hoping it is not the ECU also. I think the ECU is around 800 dollars. If you figure out how to fix your ski, let me know. PM me. thanks. I will do the same.

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    sure thing, mine is in the shop undergoing tests....

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    I got a new ecm tonight, but I didn't have time to test it myself. The tech said it ran for 45 minutes with no problems. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I test in the morning.

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    It is now running beautifully, ecu was the fix.

    With that said, this forum offered no help, no insight, and no advice. I wrote several people, no response. Maybe if I was some idiot trying to suck more speed out of my Honda, at the cost of longevity, I would get some reply. It seems that all anyone talks about. That and WGS's, Honda make shitty turbos, get it through your thick skulls. Only morons trade in longevity for 3 more mph.

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    Sorry you think that but what if someone said yea buy a knock sensor and that didn't fix the issue, some people are parts changers and others are technicians. If I don't have the unit in front of me and it could be multiple related issues I'm not going to guess. I think others felt the same on yur issue and didn't want to send advice which could be wrong.

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    My 2005 Honda is doing almost the same exact thing. The difference with mine is, I replaced the knock sensor, did a complete tune up with no luck. It seems to run fine for a little while and then when accelerating tends to feel as though it is mis-firing. It will start to act like a fouled spark plug, then it throws the code. I was told it may be the heat sensor, but I don't think that is it either. I have noticed though it does seem to happen more quickly if there is a strain on the motor. Like if my girlfriend and her son are on it together, it will throw the code quicker.

    So I guess my question is, how can I make sure it is not the ECU without actually replacing it? I would hate to spend that kind of money and find out that was not the issue.

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    See if you can borrow a known good ECU from a 2004-2007 . They only have a reuseable tie wrap on the harness in front of them holding them in the rubber pocket. They are a 2 minute swap.

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    Okay cool. I'm gonna try that.

    Does anyone know where to get a new ECU? I have tried to call every dealer everywhere across the country and no one seems to have any?

    The good news is I have two of the exact same model. I'm gonna swap'em out and see whats up, but after reading around on these posts, I think it is the ecu.

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