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    Well, I jumped ship....

    or should it be bike? I traded a rarely ridden dirtbike straight up for a 1998XP limited and a 1997SPX yesterday. Both of them have junk motors, SPX has bottom end bearing issues and 0 comp on front jug, XPL has broken case . I'm going to save myself a lot of trouble and just order two SBT mills so I can get back out on the water in the next few weeks. While I'm waiting for the motors to arrive I thought I would tackle some aesthetic mods and I have a few questions.
    First, what's the best way to refinish the bump rails on both boats and the plastic cleat shrouds on the xp limited? They have some typical gray/white oxidation
    Second, how can I go about getting the bilge squeaky clean? The drain plugs look a little too small to handle some of the grime that needs to come out.

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    Congrats on skis..
    When I wash down my engine bay I air line and shop vac out the bildge area ..
    Not sure about the rub strips...try some type of plastic/rubber restorer maybe ?
    Type bump rails or rub strips up in the search box and see if anything comes up...or google it

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    also are the rossier stage 1 kits any good for these motors?

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    Leave them stock. Those engine parts are of dubious sources. All are 1mm over and the parts are made for SBT so I would leave them stock so when they Blow up you can get them replaced free.

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    i love my r.e. stage 1 kit. but like pest said sbt engines arent built with the best of parts

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    the 951 busted cases will cost you on the core fee-- it would be less expensive to do an oem reman. +$1950 for the core vs. $700 for the reman-- you do have a crank, cylinder, counter balance shaft and hardware that will bring down both cores, but the cases are the big ticket item.

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    I was able to spend a little time doing the initial disassembly of the XP limited and sure enough, the cases were nearly cut in half. What was left of the big end of the connecting rod was lodged in the reed cage, I had to beat it out with a hammer. It also looks like the cylinder sleeves are broken. The head and rave valves are still pristine though. So it looks like I need some cases ($300 used), a crank ($450 hotrods), a top end ($500), and a reed cage ($50?). I wonder if it's even worth it, I effectually paid $900 for the boat.

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    I should also add that the rave valve blades and head domes were coated in a thick layer of carbon. The pistons looked very well scuffed as if they had been seized multiple times. It looks like the PO was running premix and oil injection thinking the extra oil would prevent it from seizing. I haven't looked at the carbs, but I imagine there's something clogged in there....

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    and if SBT motors are junk, how can they afford to offer such long warranties?

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    if you want to upgrade your engine with mods,i think its better if you to have it rebuilt by a more reputable/performance shop that can help you beef up your motor,like group k.

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