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Thread: 94 xp carb help

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    94 xp carb help

    I bought this thing not running and after new batt.and starter, I rebuilt the carbs and replaced the fuel lines, cleaned out the strainer and selector switch. Now my problem is it won't run unless I prime it with brake cleaner and then it only revs up but won't idle long at all. I did get it to run for a few minutes but idled around 4k then slowly bogged down and finally died. What could cause this? Seems like not getting fuel, it has a primer kit on it but no fuel dumps into the carbs when I pump it. The carbs are square pump style and I think sbn 38's ? Thanks for any help.

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    Got your fuel lines hooked up correctly? Is your fuel pump line broken or hooked up?
    Try to avoid starting agents their hard on parts. Primers do get worn out over time. Mines a turd to get going but pumps like a fire hydrant once it gets the fuel in it.

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