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    Needs help with my issue please

    I'd greatly appreciate your opinion on this. I have a 06' rxp215 with 65 hours now bones stock. I've owned it 2 weeks now and I know it needs a prop and were ring as they have grooves and nicks and it cavitates from a stop then its smooth and accelerated to 8100rpm and a gps 63.6mph. I know the prop and wear ring should help accel,cavitation and top speed?

    My issue is today(which was very humid and 96 degrees) I was riding and it was turning 8100rpm and 63mph gps. I was rinding wide open and all the sudden it lost like 300 rpm and only revs 7800-7850rpm on top end. I may have sucked in debris as it looks like the ring has a new groove. It runs super smooth yet but from a stop or anything under 20mph at full throttle it cavitates and bounces on the rev limiter. Also when making a turn or anything itll cavitate as well over 1/2 throttle or so. What do you think? I know a prop and ring can casuse lack or top speed and cavitation, but can it cause loss of rpm?


    P.S I pulled the intake hose the I can't spin the impeller by hand so i think the supercharger is still ok

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    If it changed the pitch on the blades when you hit whatever it was it is possible or could be heat soak and losing power.

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    I ride on the river so there is a good amount if twigs and debris. Also it was crazy hot and humid today, but was odd that it was pulling 8100rpm then bam only 7800 - 7850 for the rest of the day. I was thinking sucked in something because the cavitaion was drastically increased right after the rpm drop. Would it take much to tweak the prop enough to change the pitch?

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    Nope. The blades are thin and 1mm (0.040 of an inch) can make quite a difference. Did you notice any vibration after the change? That can be another sign of prop damage. Also you stated that you were getting reduced RPM but cavitating and hitting the rev limiter? I'm not sure how a damaged prop could affect RPM unless it is contacting the wear ring. I can see it causing cavitation and high RPM if you aren't processing the water efficiently.

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