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    RXT-X 260 Hit the High-RPMS over waves.

    Hey guys.. I was running across some 2-3 ft waves yesterday for about 1/2 min.. I didnt get a change to really look at RPM much, but I did notice right before I let off it was shooting up pretty high when it would come un-hooked. NO, I usually dont do this, but I had a SHO all over me and had had enough. I guess my question is since this is honestly if she first time I have reached those PEAK rpms since owning the ski (47hrs) or I should say, really beat it good, do you think I did any damage or are these ski's able to handle that type of riding all the time. Thanks guys oh, and this was during a 3-day 400 mile trip, which the ski did awesome!!!!

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    IMO you did NOT damage anything and I have seen this several times myself riding hard and fast in chop. I believe that there is a huge safety margin built into these ecu's regarding rpm limits. I've got over 60 hours on my ski now and I run it extremely hard a lot. The pro-racers run much harder than you and I.

    Being concerned is not a bad thing and makes you more aware of your ski. Good regular maintenance should keep you riding for many hours!

    The best part of this is you kicked some SHO ass!

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    You have a rev limiter, don't sweat it.

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    Just keep an eye on the SC slip as you get closer to 100 hrs. RPM's are not an issue thanks to the ECU.

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    Like they said, no problem coming unhooked, the rev limiter does a nice job. Play with your trim to get best hookup and speed. The only thing I might add is if you get big air and are out of the water a long time let up on the throttle. Your SC, shaft and impeller with thank you.

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