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Thread: B1 Results

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    B1 Results

    This has probably been covered in the past, but, I think the following results are interesting, the ski previously had air filter, exhaust, ribbon mods, R2, Jims plate and a R&D 12/22. This resulted in the low 70's.

    Over the winter I installed:

    JD Intercooler and dedicated water intake
    B1 wheel
    A/F logger

    I wanted to start carefully and went out to monitor the a/f. The speed is very deceiving, the ski immediately hit 78 (GPS) at 8220. It had more, but, I hit a wave and it started to porpoise. I did not make another run because I wanted to review the a/f, but, for sure it has an 80 + potential. I will post the a/f logs when I download them.

    Kind of a side note, but, I put the intercooler water exit on the rear of the ski, the ski now has a horizontal jet stream behind the ski when it is up at speed.

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    I came close to 80 almost every run with the R3 & B1, but came up short in the high 79's every time @ 8350rpm with the 14/22 skat. I'm rooting for ya.

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