I am new to this forum and I have a few questions. I am pretty good tinkering with motors but I do not have much experience with a jet ski motor. I have a 2008 gp1300r with 67hrs on it. I havent done anything to it but put a d plate in a few weeks ago. It cranks right and up and runs great! The rpms are all there (8,000) but it lacks top end speed. I had another gp1300 identical to this one and it did 67-68 using gps and all stock. The one I have now seems like its lugging a little bit on the top end. Using a gps it shows 58-59 on smooth water. (before and after d plate) I also noticed the impeller's edges are rugged looking on the ends. Not chipped off, just not smooth how they should be, not sure if this means anything. I checked compression and all 3 were 110psi and 115psi with throttle wide open. Not sure if this is good for this ski or if I should replace the top end to get all the power back. Please let me know what yall think and I really appreciate it!