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    97 gp1200 no start need help

    trying to locate cause of no start. boat will start fine and run ok. shut it off and will not restart until battery is disconnected and reconnected. will start once and that is it. just bought the ski so no history on it, oil injection has been removed, no other mods found. no beeping when trying to start and the complete guage display doesnt work.

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    This is probably a problem with the security code you need to enter after the battery goes dead or is disconnected. Although I though you wouldn't be able to start it all after a battery disconnect...until the code was entered. I'd suggest you get a working gauge and go from there.

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    was not aware you had to enter a code. after going over all the wiring and rechecking all connections. boat is starting without any problems and the guages are now working. how do you find the security code if this does happen again?

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