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    95 sl750 engine trouble

    Hello all I have an interesting problem and I'm not sure what to do so here it is I have this ski which has been a problem child for a while I burnt a hole in the mag side piston due to a lean condition I have upgraded the fuel system rebuilt the carbs now it seems to start hard and that cylinder has aluminum on the spark plug I'm at a loss with what to do I don't know if I should keep messing with it take it to a shop or sink the darn thing your suggestions would be greatly appreciated I have gone through the hole engine the first time I found three different size pistons so now all are the same the other two look awesome just not this one I replaced it last year and it burnt again please help mike

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    The aluminum you're finding on the MAG spark plug probably means there are bigger problems in the crankshaft. I would guess that when you burned that original piston that some metal got down in the crank and has caused your bearings to begin failing.

    Your best bet is to remove the engine, tear it down to the crank and evaluate the bottom end. You might need to either have your crank refurbished or buy one at this point.


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    thanks for the thought I had the crank checked after the first one but that doesnt mean a hill of beans I think I will replace it and start over again thanks

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