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    Question about waterproofing storage compartment

    Do you have an idea about how can i waterpoof my 2007 RXT storage compartment? If i riding in open sea is almost unavoidaple to block water from entering inside the storage bin (especially when riding in waves). Any ideas could help

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    Which storage compartment? The one under the handlebars or under the hood?

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    Its the one under the hood. Big time problem... All rubbers that suppose to waterproof are ok and thought that someone might have dealt with this kind of problem

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    Just get a waterproof bag and keep valuables in that..

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    waterproof bag is what I do . . . how much water are you getting in there anyway?

    here's an idea . . . doublecheck that the rubbers are actually making contact.

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    That's what i did well finally. I got a waterproof bag. The water is not much but enough for getting things wet... I will check again.. Thank you for the feedback

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    Does anyone know how to remove the hard plastic trim?
    I want to paint my RXT and replace it with a new one.
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    those compartments will always leak a little(imo)in ocean conditions..i drillled a small hole in the bottom as a drain,and water(any)drains out the back via bailers...the rear compartment(under the seat) always stay completely dry

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidinnaplesflorida View Post
    Does anyone know how to remove the hard plastic trim?
    I want to paint my RXT and replace it with a new one.
    i believe that is riveted on

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