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    advent T3 help...

    i bought an advent 1290 to run my triple pipes on my gpr but am a little confused about setting up the timing curves, ive read the user guide on advents website and understand what each curve means but dont know whats programmed into my unit, the sticker on the cdi has no curve numbers stamped on it, all 4 boxes are blank? the power valve boxes has BLANK, snap 58, snap 60, snap 61 and the temp sensors has off, cat, water, off. so how do i know what curves there are?

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    Look on the side of the advent there should be a letter and a number like D60, D70, D114, D136, your box is one of those, and then go here to see what curve you have
    You can always call up advent and give them you serial number on the advent and they can tell you what curve you have

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