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    97 gp 760 not idiling

    first time ever having a problem w my ski. So i used some starter fluid and was able to drive it. rode good till i got off the accelerator, the it would die.
    So it starts just wont idle, however i had to use starter fluid to start need help

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    ok first of all... starting fluid is NOT a good thing to use in a 2 stroke motor.(no lubricating oil)
    use it very spairingly if you must..
    I would check the state of your fuel system in general as it is now 14 years old ..

    Its my first thought that its a cracked pulse line, as at high speed rpms your having pulse pressure to run, but once its off throttle, it dies..the fuel pumps in the carbs are pulse operated ,which means they use down stroke backpressure to 'charge' the pump diaphrams to pump fuel..

    one other thought would be a restriction or split hoses(sucking air) in the fuel feed..filters,lines and even the fuel switch could be clogged..

    last but not entirely impossible(and i hate this one)... a leak at the crank case that then won't pulse ' enough to run with out the starting fluid...

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    thnx im gonna check fuel lines, the filter has crap in it, and im gonna replace the check valve (fuel) clean the lines, and use some carb cleaner to clean carbs. It worked great last time out (2 wks ago)

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