I am looking for a replacement engine for a GTI 2003. I ran across shopsbt.com, are they any good? Any other suggestions of where to look? I am new to the Seadoo world but have had several Yamaha Superjets. I know where to get those parts, just not the seadoo stuff. One of my family members had a 2003 and literally used it 4 hours before a problem due to someone sucking up some rocks. No need to go into a long story however, it was repaired several times and then after a last disagreement with a dealer and seadoo, they put it in a sealed shed and bought a yamaha. It looks new on the outside however, the engine was in pieces and bagged. It has been sitting so long, I just thought I would start over with the power plant, rather than dealing with something that would require constant attention. Would love to here your feed back.