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    electrical issues

    a friend of mine brought his 1997 polaris sl900 over and said he hasn't ran it in 2 years and tried to start it. He went into the ebox and cleaned up the box a little and i guess he didn't put the wires back right so now it won't crank over. i found the connection to the reset button only had the power wire from the battery connection and 1 missing. I assume that a purple/red wire connects there but which one?. I tried the one that had a splitter, but still get no power to start it or no power to the mfd display. it does crank over when i jump the connections but no spark.

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    Yes red/pur to the breaker, splits off and sends power to board red/pur term's.

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    silly question you have the lanyard hook up right? hey we have all done it atleast once.

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    i got the laynard hooked up but wont crank over unless i jump connections. no spark when i do that either.

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