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    Parts availability for SL 750 - 97

    Hello !
    I am a complete newbie to PWC (I do have a Sea Ray Pachanga 22 though so I have some water experience)
    I am looking into buying a Polaris SL 750 - 97. The engine is rebuilt with new pistons and rings. I have no idea about the condition of the pump. According to the seller its ready to go but then again he is the seller...

    How is the general availability for parts for this PWC ? Is there a risk that I cant find parts when I need them ? Thinking mainly of parts for engine, pump etc.
    I guess its all a matter of time WHEN I need them not IF I need them
    Since I live in Sweden I would need to have parts shipped here (but that is usually not a problem)

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    So the seller is claiming this a 1997 model year SL750? First off that's not possible because 1995 was the last model year for the 750. There were several SL models in 1997 with various motors 700, 780 and I think even the 900 and 1050. Look at the HIN and the last 2 numbers will tell you the model year.

    If you're adept working on mechanical things you can get most parts you would need to keep the ski running well.


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    Thanks for your reply.
    I will investigate the HIN number to get more info.
    Here is a picture of the PWC

    I got some experience of the 2 stoke engine after owning and rebuilding a few Yamaha YZ motorcross bikes.

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    That's a 1995 SL750. Greenhulk member K447 has put together a fabulous collection of links for a wide range of Polaris info: You'll want to check this out to learn about this ski.

    The primary area of concern on these 750's is the fuel system. There is some general maintenance that should be done (clean & rebuild carbs) and fuel system upgrades (hose replacement, fuel pump replacement) that must be done to ensure the ski is reliable.


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    Many thanks I will check that link out.

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