Looking for some tips and advice.
I have a 2000 stx900. just replaced the jet drive and gave the carbs a good cleaning,

On the trailer ski starts right up and has good throttle response. It also starts to rev a little high on its own.

In the water the ski doesnt want to idle and i have to feather the gas to keep it going. if it cuts out I have to start it with no throttle just pull the choke. I have little to no response at low speed or idle but if i open it up it boggs then takes off for a short time and starts bog a little.

thinking it was running lean i turned the air screws in on each carb 1/4 turn and it didnt help the low end, actually seemed to run a little worse.

The only other thing i can think of is maybe a small tear in one of the diaphragms (no clue) is causing the issue.

I had a display problem ( not working at all) found broken wire and it now works. The red light no blinks from the second you turn it on.

I also just added a oil block off and running premix if that even matters

Whats your ideas ?????