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Thread: Hello all

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    Hello all

    Just wanted to make my presence know. I've been a powersports tech for a while now and due to an accident am now on the parts counter of a Sea Doo dealership. Been perusing the threads for about a month or so. So I just wanted to finally say hi. I've just finished resurrecting a 97 spx from under someone's dock for a wave jumper...

    And am in the process of working on a 95 xp 800 I recently acquired for a winter project mph ski...

    I also have 2 95 spx 657x's for the family. So like I said, just wanted to say hi, thanks for all the info already and hope I can put my .02 in whenever I can lend a hand.

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    Welcome ! That SPX looks clean !! What's the plans for the XP?
    What part of FL are you in ?

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