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Thread: newbie delema!!

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    newbie delema!!

    ok guys here it is. I have a sl650. you can play hard but as soon as you carve hard side to side it falls right on its face. once get going again it seems to be good. now when i fired up the other day it is stuck @ WOT!!! thae carbs seem to open and close but once started it just screams????

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    have u done all the fuel upgrades like tripple outlet pump and new fuel lines etc?

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    Sounds like an air leak or fuel restriction.

    Screaming like WOT and not touching the gas is what we call the "death rev".

    You need to perform ALL the recommended fuel system upgrades. And do a leak down test.

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    ok guys i will try a leak down test. i have done all the fuel changes so far. thsanks

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