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    Flipped ski, rolled back the wrong way, hoping no lasting damage??

    OK I've been a lurker for a while and I know some 250x ski's have had issues.
    I bought a 2008 model, I rode it before and checked it's oil and looked it over. It's a bone stock ski from a fresh water lake. I have no interest in making it faster and it'll stay stock.

    I took my daughter for a ride, we stopped she leaned a little to far and once the weight shifted I couldn't stop the ski from flipping. I wasn't sure if she was freaking out or not and I righted the ski backwards. I didn't even see the decal on the back. We were in the middle of the river and I fired it back up. It started up fine but would misfire if you tried to tach it past 5k.
    Due to the water in the ski that wouldn't bring it on plane.

    I didn't think it was a big deal flipping it, my brother ski was upside down a lot and never was an issue. It had an electric bilge pump. I didn't know how the bilge pump worked then.
    I went to the dock and pulled the seat, the water was maybe to the bottom of the motor and the motor was wet. I thought it was the water on the ignition causing the misfire and the blower belt was sling it everywhere. I tried to rev it up several times and each time it would start to miss, I rode it easy for a while and it cleared up and was fine.

    Then I brought it home and read the manual, I know I know. But it's done now......

    Now I think it had water in the aftercooler and when I reved it up the water would head to the engine. The bilge pumps off the jet drive and it's a slow process. The motor never got enough water to lock up, it cranked off fine. The proceedure in the manual is a PITA.

    Flip it over, tow it to shore, pull the plugs...........

    So I have two questions...

    1 What do you guys to when you flip the ski and is it any different for salt water? I'll be headed to Florida later this month.

    2 Damaged??? I've read the rods are weak????

    BTW, I had no water in the oil when I checked it last night and no water in the air box drain hose just some oil..
    It starts runs and idles fine.

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    I'm sure its fine if you don't have any water in the oil and you are running fine. What RPM are you seeing at WOT? I've flipped my 250 a couple of times, but never had any problems when restarting. Funny thing about the Ultra, very stable, but once it starts to go.....

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    To be honest I never looked real close, nearly 8K from what I remember. I'm new at this and at that speed I'm looking forward.

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    Go to this site and do a search for "water injestion". About 4/5ths of the way down the page are step by step instructions on how to check and repair a 250x after water injestion.

    BTW - Not sure how much riding you have done. I find my ski is much less stable in freshwater than salt as it is less buoyant i.e. you have to be careful when making sharp turns at slow speed with a passenger...

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    If you had that much water and it was sputtering at 5k I'm sure it was just your Sc belt slipping empty the water out if should be fine.

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