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    Msx 140 engine trouble! Please help!

    Im new to PWC's. I bought a MSX 140 with a blown engine. I bought a crate engine from SBT. I got it all done and was 15 mins into my break in period when it stalled. It wont start and it doesnt sound right when cranking over. Any thoughts?

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    Im not positive yet. I need to dig into it more, but is it possible to have the pistons cranking up and down when trying to start it but the driveshaft isnt turning? Very odd.... I just dont get it.

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    Did you check the compression? What do you mean it does not sound right?

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    I think it was the starter not engaging right but I was able to get it running again. It has 135 in each cylinder and it ran for awhile (not very good) until I realized the pressure regulator must be out. I put it back in today. Have good pressure now and spark but i cant get it to start back up.

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    Are you still having problems with the starter engaging? The teeth on the flywheel have been known to break off. This causes the starter bendix to only catch the flywheel where it is not missing teeth. The bigger problem is that when the teeth break off, they end up being pulled into the magnets on the flywheel and wreck your stator.
    If your starter is not engaging 100% of the time and the ski is not starting you should pull the flywheel/stator cover and inspect the flywheel/bendex/stator.

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