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    Exhaust questions

    I have a 1995 xp, 717, rebuilt motor. I cant get the tuned pipe to seal to the manifold. It looks warped because it wont align and stay sealed after being bolted down. I had a crack in the old manifold and replaced it with a used one from a 580(they bolt up the same and the guy said it should fit) and its even worse now. I want to know if I can use either style tuned pipes for my ski, theres the one I have now that has like this

    and I want to know if I can use this style instead

    If I have to I can get another manifold off a 717, but I really think the second style pipe would be easier to seal. I have redone the damn gaskets 7 times this year and have spent $1000 this summer and have ridden all of a few hours. I found a west coast aftermarket pipe in the second style for $200 or if anyone has a factory pipe setup for sale I would love to have that instead.

    Thanks for any input anyone has.

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    Can you put a staight edge on both the manifold and pipe and see if they are straight with no warp?

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    The mating surfaces are straight but the pipe itself appears to be warped, one side sticks up almost a half inch while the other half is touching on the corner. It also broke the stud on the manifold before I replaced the motor. I am just replacing the entire exsaust I just really need to know if I can use either style pipe or if I have to use the style I have now.

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