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    2000 Polaris SLH700 MFD error reading with video

    Picked up this ski that had been sunk got it running again went to hook up the mfd to get a 01CR reading not sure what this means but everything seems to light up on inital plug in here is a video anything else I could try ive had it apart and cleaned it up thanks

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    If you had it apart and cleaned it up, Im not sure there is anything else you can do

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    When you had it apart did you remove the LCD? If the LCD was reinstalled backwards (or upside down) it will display eronious characters. I'm not familiar with the newer MFD's but on the older MFD it was possible to reinstall the LCD incorrectly.

    Sorry, I was thinking of the round MFD which the LCD has inputs on the top and bottom.
    The oval MFD's LCD has input only on the top so you have it installed correctly.
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