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    used GP1200R or GP800R cylinder

    Does anyone have a used cylinder that they want to sell? Mine has a crack in it and doubt it can be re-sleeved. I'd like to find one that I can simply install.


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    Go to the classified section. There is usually someone who has a used one for sale. Also, you may want to have yours reworked and renicasiled. There are rebuilders that can make them better than new. Google "Mellenium cylinders". If your other two are sleved, then you ought to stick to that i.e. don't mix and match.

    The 800 cylinder is also different from the 1200's.... you should not mix them either. I believe that they have different ports.

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    The 800R (66E) and 1200R (66V) cylinders are different. What are you putting this one? get the correct one for your model.

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    It's a GP1200R - thanks for the info!

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    I have 2 1200r cylinder i can sell you for $140 a peice

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