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    GP1200R Center Cylinder Melt Down

    Trying to determine why my middle cylinder got so hot and it started to seize up. I have removed the carbs and check for blockage, looks fine. The injector port is all oily so I assume it was getting plenty of oil (looks just like the front and back carb). The top of the piston looks like it started to melt as did the head on that cylinder. Could water have entered somehow and the heat/steam casued the melting?

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    I'm sure by now you've done some searching on it. But I would say you possibly have an air leak in the motor causing that cylinder to run lean and very hot. Do a search on pressure testing. I doubt that water intrusion could cause this. I've never experienced this, but water intrustion would essentially power wash the piston and cylinder clean (no oily residue). Good luck

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    pics always help, and more info on the motor... hours, mods, ect

    if it has a bunch of hours on the motor, the ring may have jumped the locator pin and spun around and hooked the exhaust port

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    Middle cylinders always run hotter than the outer two but depending on the amount of hours on the motor would help determine the exact reason as to why it would be overheating

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