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    HELP!! part is discontinued

    I have a 2000 Polaris Virage TX 1200 and had ordered a new CDI through
    and after waiting 2 weeks i called to check on my order and they said that cdi's are now
    discontinued. I called the dealer and they said that they also can no longer get them.
    I have been looking on ebay but cant find any for my year and model. Does anybody have any ideas, suggestions, thoughts, prayers of hope, etc... so i can get my ski back up and
    running. thanks in advance

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    113 had some left

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    Thanks for the sites, I will be calling them when they open. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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    I found one through it's for a 2002 virage tx and they said that it is the exact same programming and set up as the 2000 the only difference is there will be one extra wire coming off of it that I wont use. every other place i called would only look up the part number and match it to the same number and not try to cross reference it to any other part. where took the extra time with me to do some research and see that there are other options that will work for my ski.
    thank you again for the leads. I really appreciate it

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    Remember, it is ALWAYS recommended to check your ignition timing after a CDI replacement, even when using the same exact part number for your ski.

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    I already have the flywheel timing marked and timing light ready to go. thanks for the warning though.

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    Looking at service manuals, both 00 and 02 show having 14 wires.
    Looking at the parts app, the 02 tx uses what Polaris calls "high start". They use that name for both the CDI and flywheel.
    K447 I'm pretty sure wrote something about the HST, I'm not sure what it does.
    If a last resort, you can get the HST flywheel,#4010569, you can check what models use that # using the advanced search here;

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    HIgh start has 10 degrees more timing than the normal one.

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