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    Frankenstein pump question

    i got a 94 polaris sl750 hull a friend give me a 650 motor torn in to it and going to use the case n get a crank from sbt and build a 780 and the question is will a 1050 pump fit a 750 hull with a 650 crank case and a 780 top end a frankenstein monster and what problems will i run in to? will the 1050 pump be to big for that 780 will i have drag in throttle will it take long to plan out. will it bolt in? and just need a longer driver shaft? or just toss that idea out and return the hunt for a 780 pump with a 4 bladed impella
    thanks for all you help

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    could be used but prop would be way off

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    Right ^^^^^^

    The pump will bolt up just fine to that ski. You will most likely need a longer driveshaft, longer steering cable (or make an extansion for the existing) and the longer trim rod.

    And finally the impeller will need to be rated for a 780 HP.

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