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    Getting water out of Waterlocked 951 DI

    Is there any way to get the water out of a Waterlocked Motor without tear down? It will not turn over.

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    Yes, but time is of the essence. Stop what you're doing right now, and before you take your next breath, get to the garage.

    Pull both plugs, and crank that beast over. Get your battery charger ready, cause you'll be cranking a lot. Keep cranking until no more water comes out. Lubricate with WD-40 or similar rust preventative.

    Next, on the starboard aft side of the motor is a block drain. Honestly, due to the amount of delicious Sam Adams Summer Ale I've consumed tonight, I can not remember if it's a 5 or 6 MM allen, but regardless, it's there. Use a flashlight and mirror to locate if necessary. Pull the plug, and resume cranking. After all the water is out of the bottom end, put the plugs in and try to start it. Ether/starting fluid may be necessary. Depending on the level of submersion, you may want to check the fuel and oil tanks for contamination. Once you get it running, let it idle on the trailer for a few. Stop, and redrain the bottom plug. Repeat until no more water is present.

    Now, GO RIDE. Long and hard. Get that thing hot and dry.

    I have had the distinct pleasure of throwing a rod bearing from not draining the case.

    Good luck!!!

    Pauly C.

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    I was finally able to turn it over by hand. Cranked and blew out water. I added oil to cylinders. Cranked again. Oil again. It started after about 15 minutes. Everything seems fine now. Now I need to find where the water is coming in. It leaks when running on a hose and also when lowered into the water without running.

    This is why I hate selling Skis to people that I know. They think that there is a lifetime warranty.

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    The main thing that people miss on the DI motor is the air compressor. It gets its air through a tube from the air box and feeds air the the fuel rail. Most people don't even know it is there. Since you have it running it may be ok and if it is you are lucky. Cliff

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