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    CDI compatability

    Does anyone know a compatible CDI for a 2001 Genesis carb? Part number is 4010379 (superseded by 4010543) and everyone is out of stock. I can't even find a used box anywhere. I know the 4010447 is used as an upgrade for the 1050's and I was wondering if the timing was that much different. Anyone else have this problem? I realize Polaris got out in 04 but I was hoping someone would have something that would work.

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    I guess 4010567 is a compatible replacement. I must have called 20 parts houses and one guy even laughed at me (you bought a Polaris? Don't you know they went out of business 10 years ago?) I was going to correct him but it would just be a waste of time. Anyway, Scotty at Partsland in New York actually took the time and found me a part and it was even $17 cheaper than the 4010543. I hope this helps someone looking for the same part. Thanks to all who were looking for a CDI for me.

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    How did this work out for you? I've been looking for the same CDI (4010543) for awhile now.


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    I need a replacement CDI for my Polaris genesis 99 1200 3 cyl carb. Can you give me the number for partsland?



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    anybody try the jumper wire trick to see if there cdi was really bad???it had been done to my lastest ski that did have a bad cdi,when i installed the new one i had to remove the jumper and reconnect like original

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    Sorry this is so late but the 4010567 CDI worked for me. I sold the boat shortly after I got it running due to the fact my wife hated it. I am now stuck with an old pontoon boat but I did manage to pick up an old Seadoo so when I want to go faster than 18 miles an hour, I can jump on it and have some fun.

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