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    1999 GTX Sea Doo issues

    I recently got a Sea Doo from my grandpa with some issues. I asked him to give me exactly what was going on with it. He said that he would run it and after so long the battery would go dead. He said that either 12v or battery would flash on the dashboard while it was running. He put it on a meter and it was charging properly around 14-14.5 and he changed the battery 3 times. Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks!

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    Any help is very much appreciated! Id like to get this thing running so i can get a month or so out of it!

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    After doing some research it does have a voltage regulator. That seems like a logical choice considering at idel the voltage is normal but when your out riding it its probly not putting out enough juice to the battery to keep it charged. You can run it like this for hours then it finally runs the battery dead. what do you all think? Does it sound like a good risk to try and buy a regulator?

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