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    587 performance....if you can call it that

    Ok, i have a 94 SPI. Runs great, no problems, clean. However, I was going to buy a stand up again, but dont need another toy, at least the wife says that and im not arguing haha. So im putting a very tiny bit of money into the SPI. Looking for tips from people with experiences with this hull/motor. dont care about top speed too much, just acceleration and hookup since my riding is done in Lk Michigan big waves.

    Prop, have the stock SS 14/21 i think it is. Any good upgrades people have used? or have it repitched?

    ride plate/intake grate? any options?

    Need new turf. Hydroturf best bet? Same for seat cover?

    for other performance, is it worth it for a pipe/carb/milled head? or should i just look for 657/717? If i do decide to pick up a 657 or 717, are any of my electronics able to be used? I love the low fuel consumption from the 587, can ride for 8 hours on my tank, so I would like to keep that motor, plus it runs so well.

    Any help/tips appreciated. TIA

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    id say get a new impeller intake grate and a nozzle if they make one.. performance, yea just go with a 717.. ive owned both, the 587 is cute anc cheap for getting u out on the water but the 717 blows it away power wise..

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    any advice on what impellor and grate?

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    prolly a solas impeller and this intake grate

    i stand by jet dynamics even though they arent around anymore..

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