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    Question Water is now entering in my engine compartment.

    Hi I'm new here,
    I have a 2006 RXP 215hp, I noticed last weekend while out on the water that my engine compartment had about 2 inches on water floating at the bottom. I right away brought it out of the water and back on my trailer, I then un screwed my 2 drain plugs located at the outer back jet area of the craft and noticed a lot more water pouring out then usual. Once I brought it home I started it up on the hose and looked to see if I could see water entering in but no luck.

    Could someone tell me what exactly the purpose of the 2 drain plugs are for? I find it really strange that I'm getting 4 times as much water pouring out of them after a ride then usual, the 2 little o- rings are fine. Also I find it very unusual that the water that is in the engine compartment will not self drain...

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    Might be your carbon seal. Did you notice any cavitation from a dead stop? It could be letting water in faster than the bailers can pump it out.

    Oh and welcome to Greenhulk

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    Come to think of it Im getting some hesitation when starting off from idle. So your saying carbon seal? Is this a major problem? What would this set me back cost wise?

    Also what are those 2 drain plugs used for? Is there a way to remove the water out of the hull without using a manual pump?


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    I paid about $175 about 2 years ago to have WFO change the carbon seal in the RXT I used to have. You can do it your self, just search here.

    The drain plugs are for getting water out of the hull. The way the inside bottom of the hull is shaped it is very hard to get all of the water out. I leave mine open when I am not riding.

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    Thanks you very much!

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    The bailers also have a "vent" hole in the yellow elbow. If the yellow elbow makes it's way down to the bottom of the hull, it'll siphon water into the hull. This would only explain the water, not the cavitation.

    Pauly C.

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