I bought a 1996 seadoo gtx a couple of months ago, we took it to the lake and it ran pretty good for about an hour. Then it started acting up and bogging down like it was starving for gas. Crank it up again and it would take right off with no problem ( WOT). Then it would start bogging down again. Crank it up...take right off again, then bog down again. So I took it to my dealer, told them what was going on. They rebuilt carbs, put in new fuel selector switch, changed all fuel lines, and installed a new fuel filter. Charged me around six hundred bucks and told me it should run good now, said they ran it in there water tank. Well I took it out today and it still runs exactly the way it did. Anybody got any ideas that I can try after I get home from raising hell with them tommorow???? Please Help me! What about the fuel baffle? Any chance of that being bad?