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    94 xp still not running

    Ok bought this not running. Replaced starter, battery, rebuilt carbs, pop off is 20psi, replaced all fuel lines cleaned strainer and selector switch. Tightened up loose exhaust pipe clamp, added missing ground from coil to battery. I have spark in both cylinders, and fuel pumping to front carb and rear carb. Will only run when i prime with some brake cleaner, revs up to around 3k and dies, basically when brake cleaner is gone. If it is the timing you would think it wouldn't fire when I prime it. I am at a loss, any help would be welcomed.

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    What are your compression numbers?

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    You arent getting fuel if it is running on spray. You have something amiss with your fuel system, maybe the pumps are bad or the hoses arent hooked up right.

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    When i bought it the compression was 130ish in both

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    I would check you hoses again as well. Easy to mix them up. Does it look like the pumps are sucking fuel from tank? Lines all tight no leaks? Gasket new in carb intake? Fresh gas? Are you choking and getting no fuel into carbs?

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