Hello, I have a 1989 sea 580 and i have rebuilt the carb its a bn38 and i have rebuilt the remote fuel pump using only mikuni parts. before it would hardly run now that i put a needle and seat and new diaphragms its very responsive (when it wants to be) on the trailer I have not taken it to the lake yet. And when it begins to bog I pull the choke for a half a second and hit the throttle again it takes off only to bog down again. now it does not always do this. sometimes it has all the throttle responsive I need without any bogging. now the hard starting issue every time i shut it off and try to restart it i have to hold it to the bar and crank for 5 seconds or more and its very burbly right off the bat. So is it possible that i got the wrong size needle and seat? not sure what size i put in but i know i took out a 2.0. or any other options i have replaced all fuel lines and filters also the vaccum line from the engine to the pump I AM STUMPED I have been tested and failed miserably