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    1998 XPL Resto-Mod

    I thought I would start a thread here to track my progress.
    I acquired this 1998 XPL with a bad motor, new pump, new seat cover (uninstalled), new hydroturf (uninstalled), aluminum shop stand, and new R&D plenum this past weekend. I really want this to be a fun, reliable rec ski in the end with a little extra punch.
    Here she is before the tear-down

    The previous owner said it had a small hole in the block from when it tossed a rod and they he thinks it can be repaired. Now, truth be told the hole did look small on the balance shaft side, however I found this when I pulled the carbs and motor:

    Obviously these cases are DONE. So I'm on the hunt right now for a new set of cases to either use as an SBT core or to build up. In the meantime I'm going to restore the ski's aesthetics to better than new.

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    I began deconstructing the hull and discovered the like-new plastic pump.....with a bend impeller blade to boot:

    I drained the oil and it was fresh, probably has less than 5 hours on it. The bent blade is a bummer but I'm going to see what it does on the water. The wear ring looks perfect.
    I removed the stock, warped mats by drilling out the rivets

    Seat removed for recovering, new pivot covers (old ones are gray and ugly), and grab handle (again, oxidized)

    The hull is now ready for a light buffing with 3M finishing compound
    These grips are awesome, I use them on all of dirtbikes. They last a long time and provide great vibration damping and grip:

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    I'm also acquiring the small go-faster parts this build requires.
    I scored a complete white-pipe setup locally for $100 that I'm going to have powdercoated metallic baby blue

    here's a sample of the color:

    I'm going to be cleaning up the engine bay area and replacing all the fuel lines with nice, clear blue tubing:

    I'm now on the fence about going with a Bill O'neil jet kit (jets and prok FAs with outerwears)/GroupK head or simply ordering the Rossier kit.

    I'm also toying with the idea of repainting the new motor black hammer-finish like this one that was on ebay a few days ago

    I was actually going to buy that one until I found out it was a white motor.

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    I found a few minutes to play this morning. I gave the bilge its initial cleaning and discovered that the oil filter had a small hole in it, which probably lead to all the destruction:

    I also set the new mats in place

    I spoke with the powdercoater and he really doesn't want to touch the pipes due all the extra labor involved due to out-gassing. I think I'll just spray them with some engine enamel and call it a day:

    I also ordered a new battery for it, Shorai LFX18

    I've been using these in my street/track motorcycles with great success. They're significantly lighter than OE and require almost not maintenance.

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    Shorai arrived:

    I tested the paint on the stinger and it's going to work very well. I opted for a metallic blue. Here it is after the first coat:

    I also picked up some 3M rubbing compound for the hull and gave it a quick test:

    needless to say I have a long road ahead of me.
    I also picked up a piece of 20x10 motorcycle fairing heat shield for the hull:

    The boat had an exhaust leak sometime in the past which left the foam on the right side stained and a melted in one spot. The heat shield will both conceal the previous damage and protect the foam in the future.

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    Carbs have been shipped out to Watercraft Magic for rebuild/rejet/flame arrestor treatment. I also picked up an ADA head with 52cc domes:

    I also picked up enough clear/blue fuel line to replace all of the original lines:

    Now I just need a set of reeds. One of my reed cages was destroyed when the motor tossed the rod so I'm either looking for a set of Rinaldos or a set of R&D M16s w/manifold.
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    Had to mark my territory:

    I think I'm going to have some smaller ones made though.
    I finished the header, just need to do some port matching:

    Freshened the nozzle, still waiting for the Solas 15/20 though

    and here's the heat shield:

    as you can see there was definitely an exhaust leak which burned/stained the fiberglass.
    I'm also in the midst of installing a Hydroturf splash guard.
    Regarding the motor, I just picked up a complete core and it's going out to Rossier for a complete OEM rebuild.

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    wow looks great dude!!

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    Great thread, always like rest-mods. Hope to get my hands on a 96 XP soon.

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    That smash reed cage looks familiar. looks good so far.

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