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    04 MSX 150 help please!

    So I picked up this 04 msx 150, that needed a motor, I found a used motor with 30hrs on it from a smashed boat at a dealership, the original motor had 55 hrs on it with a con rod cap hanging out the side of the block. I put the new/used motor in, fired right up. Took it to the water and ran not to bad a couple little quirks but mostly fine. Here's the problem, starts right up, then goes immediately into a limp mode( sounds like an old tractor & zero throttle response, stays at idle) shut it off, start it back up, sometimes it will rev up and sometimes it won't. When it will rev up u can drive up to about 35mph and drive there all day long, if you try to go any faster it will almost dye, going back to an idle and into this limp mode, shut it off and hit the start button and away u go again, same thing all over.

    Here's what I have done so far, checked waste gate, unpluged connector at back while running and waited 10 min, replaced temp sensor in intake and exhaust, checked for air leaks, checked all connections etc. Any help would be great, I'm knowledgable with the Sea-Doo's but not with these, thanks.

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    So I guess no one has ever had any problems with the msx 150's? I've tried to get ahold of k447 but had no luck yet.

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    Check your tubo linkage to see that it is not seized.

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    I can move the turbo linkage back and forth bye hand, it travels about 3/4 of an inch or so and when running I can rev it up out of the water and see it move back and forth on its own. Any other ideas?

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    i've had mine 3 years and have not solved issues with full performance, but it is totally reliable, low fuel use. my main issue was oil overfill, ingestion. sensor replacements after cleaning and main relay removal and reset procedure got me back to 6300 rpm off and on, just living with it for now.
    Koodat had extensive diagnostic problems, I think he finally just installed new sensors and sent his ecu off to desperado for a reflash and has good performance.

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    From what I've been seeing there is a lot of issues with these machines, is it mostly caused from over oil filling causeing problems down the road, or is it a computer issue from new, a glitch or something?

    I know the turbo in this one is a bit loose but I would think this would only affect performance, the one I have goes right to an idle or sometimes quits if u take it past 35mph? 35 is nice but 55 is much better, I'm going to have another go at tomorrow so well see what happens.

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    I am guessing and only guessing that if your ECU is from the old engine it is still running you in safe mode from the previous engine info that it has. There might be a way to reset it but i don't know what it is. Could be a MAP or O2 sensor. Check the resistance on the sensors to see if there are correct. Make sure you Lube the waste gate regardless of whether or not it moves. Every time you ride it put some lube on it.

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