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    Exclamation 2002 seadoo rxdi possible cooling system issues?

    ok where to start..First off the SKI RUNS GREAT!!, reaches top speed, does not over heat bog down or anything, however yesterdat i noticed the maintenance light pop up, and i couldnt figure out why, it popped up for 2 seconds then went away, and i rode it hard almost whole day...I figured it was just a touchy sensor or something because I couldnt feel a difference in performance at all..Today i started up the ski same maintenance light popped up for 1 min then went away, this time i was sure something wasnt right, i rode around for a few mins then I noticed something...which i figured was the problem.. one of the two holes on the port side, one being bilge i presume and the other being where the cooled water shoots out from the engine..ANYWAYS no Water was shooting out of that hole where it once did..I had ran the ski hard all day and no problems, i ran the ski around the dock and still no problems, engine remained cool. no performance issues or bogging.. what could be the problem? I plugged up hose with rocks or seaweed? a bad water pump? where should i start looking and any suggestions? should i hook up the ski to a hose and see if it comes out the back pipe and impeller? any troubleshooting techniques to test the pump to see if its shot or not? or start poking around hoses with something like a not even really sure where to start only hose i know is the one that directly connects from the engine to the hull where the water exits..not even sure where the water pump is in this model..any help would be appreciated!

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    check the clear hose coming off the back of the case cooler for sand or dirt, nearly every one i've seen is blocked

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    if i was to refer you to this blurprint where would it be? LINK

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    ok here is a link to a video i posted I hooked up the ski to the hose, and water is shooting out the impeller and air compressor i believe! the 4 lined shown in the video are clear and i am able to blow threw them. Anyone have any suggestions as to why the ski is still plugged? or where else i should look for clogs..also do you think the water pump/regulator is working well because water is coming out the back and moving through some hoses..thanks

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    Smile done and done

    So i resolved the issue, i shot compressed air into various black and clear cooling hoses and into the head exhaust pipe. where the blockage was exactly i do not know, but if anyone else has similar issues with this ski pertaining to cooling issues feel free to pm me, perhaps i can help.

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    mine was the number 1 either side of 44 45 in the link

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