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    Question about piston replacement

    This is sort of a piggy back off my other post, but to avoid diverging in several directions, I thought a second post was appropriate.

    So here's my PTO cylinder:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I wasn't really trying to rip apart the bottom end of this engine... but since head are apart anyways, and with the probability of a crank seal leak, should I just replace this piston?

    I've never worked on these things before...

    Provided my other efforts correct the lean problem, will this piston withstand normal operation?

    What kind of project time frame will a piston replacement entail?

    Are WSM piston kits decent? (obviously Wiseco makes the nice the forged HP cylinders, but I'm really on a budget here)

    And if I do replace the piston, can I use a standard bore? I dont have a honing stone, but at the same time, since this piston is still technically operational, can I just swap in the new standard piston with standard sized piston rings?

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    Yes, that piston needs to be replaced (along with investigating why it has a hole starting). As long as the cylinder isn't scored, you should be able to use a standard size piston (as long as that piston is not currently oversized). Ideally, you should have someone mic the cylinder to see how big it is, then order your piston from that info. Also, you shouldn't install new rings without honing the cylinder...they'll never seal correctly.

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