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    Question DESS Post problem Or .... ??

    Owner of a '96 GTX (787) calls me and says that sometimes while running fine down the lake the engine shuts down. (like the lanyard is pulled)

    Says he replaces the Lanyard on the DESS Post and it runs fine again --- for awhile, then shuts off.

    Never gets a double beep (probably a bad Beeper)

    but here's the kicker --- he says that when testing the DESS Post he can jump the Ring to the "Button" contact on top of the Post with some clips and start the Engine.

    How is this possible ?
    Sea-Doo-Voo-Doo Majic ?

    He can also put a folded over piece of tin foil under the Lanyard end Cup and press it onto the DESS Post and Start / Run the ski. I would think that would definitely cause some sort of interface problem between the Lanyard end and the matching programmed code in the MPEM.

    Would an un-programmed MPEM / Lanyard combination allow this ?

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    Sounds like the reed switch is stuck closed inside the post. (which is what the magnet is switching) The button on top is the power supply and communications to the chip in the key, the ring is the ground. He's shorting out the mpem when connecting the two. Disconnect the post and test it by, using an ohm meter. Test between the black/yellow to the black wire on the post. With no key it should be open, and closed with a key. If it's closed all the time, replace it. We sell them on our site and Jerry can sell them as well, although he does not have them listed in the store right now.

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    Thanx Dennis,

    I need to get one more job in here and I might be contacting you
    about your product.

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