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Jettribe is psyched that this year will be the 30th anniversary of the IJSBA World Finals! Jettribe has been attending the World Finals since the birth of our company because Havasu is right in our backyard. This has to be one of our favorite sites, especially since it has so much history behind it.

This is the place where champions are made and even the most unlikely contestants can win a world title because anything can happen out here, which is what makes it so exciting! It is also a great opportunity for US racers to interact with other fellow racers from different cultures and make lasting friendships.

Not only is there hot racing and freestyle action for a week straight but you canít help but love the gorgeous sunshine, warm weather, and beautiful scenery that Arizona has to offer. The warm weather is also a huge plus for the racers who come from cooler climates.

And letís not forget all of the awesome people that we get to meet at the Finals. We canít tell you how many cool people weíve become lifelong friends with since we started attending this amazing event. We canít wait to see them all again this

Oh and we almost left out Vendor Alley! You canít go to the World Finals without taking a stroll down the Alley to see what all of the different vendors have to offer. Although you may get worn out from a walk in such hot weather, but I guess thatís why the Monster Energy bar is so conveniently located at the end of the road!

Weíre looking forward to the World Finals, which take place October 1-9 of this year. We hope to see you there so we can celebrate another World Finals birthday!