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    2006 f12x FI light came on

    So i was riding the ski last week and the FI came on after a about 20 min. I shut the machine off let the gauges go blank and then restarted it. No FI light and machine ran great. Called the dealer and they said they would take it in and see if there was a code stored. The dealer read the code and said it was a waste gate they cleared the code and told me that it should be okay. I don't want to ruin anything by keeping on running the ski. What should i do?

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    Should be fine. You should check your turbo/waste gate actuator for wear/rust. Clean them up. Spray with silicone after each days ride to protect. Sounds like your waste gate actuator may be getting ready to fail or stuck. I say maybe.
    Just trying to help. There are guys that know these ski's alot more than myself around here. Hopefully one of them will chime in. I read as I also have '06 F12X.

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