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    95 SPX locked up.... Any performance 650 kits available?

    Hey everyone,

    Well.. was out riding my 95 spx 650 this weekend enjoying a hot summer weekend when my skii bogged down and stalled. On restart attempt starter clicked and motor would not turn over.

    Got it home and no aluminum on spark plugs top end seems fine so I'm assuming a crank bearing went.

    Anyways I'm in the process of pullin 'er apart to find out what exactly went. And was wondering if they make a big bore kit or any performance kits for this skii? If I'm going to have to rebuild it I'd like to make it just a touch faster.... my buddy juuusttt beats me on his 720.

    I know this is only a 650.. just wondering if theres anything out there for them. Jet kits? Porting specialists?


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    Cheaper and easier to just put in a 717, theres not much of a cost difference.

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    i had same problem last week but it turns out had lil rocks in prepeler stuck try that might solve the problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by mars22 View Post
    Cheaper and easier to just put in a 717, theres not much of a cost difference.

    +1 the magneto should work with the change

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    Ya finding a 717 or 800 engine would be my #1 choice deffinately... but I can't locate any parting out seadoos around my area. Even if I do then that engine will be 16 years or so old with tons of hours and due for a rebuild.

    I took a quick look up from the rear of my skii into my jet and didn't see any obstructions...

    Maybe before I pull the engine out I'll disconnect my driveline and see if it runs to elimate the jet being a problem.

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    You can buy a rebuilt 717 off ebay for less than $700 shipped.

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    Really...? Thats not a bad deal. I will have to check out ebay when I get home as I cannot access it from my work computer.

    So everything pretty much bolts up in the conversion? I just need a magneto which I can use from my 650, right?

    What kind of puller is needed for these magneto's... First time I'll be pullin the motor out of a ski

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