long story short (kinda) last year my ski was poping the 5 amp fuse in the black box in the back. turned out the cup and mag came apart. I had to rebuilt the motor over the winter and installed a whole new short block, top end, cup and mag, etc. I fired up the ski yesterday and it ran fine outta the water. I took it down to the river and before I even got it in the 5 amp fuse popped on the trailer. I saw the vts doesn't work anymore so I unplugged the 2 wire plug coming out of it, put a new fuse in and it fired up. ran the ski on the water for about 3 hours no problems. I went to give it one last blast and it stalled when i let off the gas. I thought it blew up, but it started right back up. I idled it back up on to the trailer. as soon as I fired it up outta the water it died. blown fuse again! I replace the fuse and ran a compression test which it was fine. the ski starts up and runs fine on the trailer again. I notice the other 3 wire plug coming outta the vts and I was wondering if that was blowing the fuse or do i have another problem. I'm leaving tomorrow and I'd like to get this thing fixed so I don't have to ride my buddy on the back of my rxp down there.