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    05 RXP newbie questions!

    Just purchased an 05 RXP with 45 hours, owned by an older woman, she just had it serviced before I picked it up. I have a few questions about it I'm new to the 4strokes but have had many 2 strokes.

    1.The trip doesn't display or work, and for some odd reason on display it says depth guage? I know they dont have them could it be programmed as a GTX?

    2.When spinning the ski around once in a while the engine loses power and bogs down like its running out of fuel? I have been looking up posts on this, but can't seem to find any info!

    3.She claims that the supercharger was checked out and everything looks good, should I be worried about changing the washers this year or can I do it in the beginning of next season?

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Get those ceramics out or you will have more issues!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmk82nd View Post
    Get those ceramics out or you will have more issues!!!

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