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    98 Stator

    I was just told on another site NOT TO BUY THESE 1998 GSX LIMITEDS because its almost a garantee that the starter and stator will go bad multiple times and become a money pit for me. is this true? any vehicle has problems sooner or later so we have to expect that. when i bought my Harley everyone said they have problems and will breakdown, well 3 years later and not one problem. i have friends that have jet skis and some do and some dont have problems. but is this to be expected on mine?

    thanks and ride safe


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    as long as its not the 97.5 white motor 951 you are ok. the ski is gray and red. aka: gray ghost. that being said I have never heard the above mentioned problems. sounds to me someone had a lemon. in the end its all how you take care of your machine. ride it hard and put it away wet and you will have problems. if you ride and do preventative maintenance and just general housekeeping on the ski you will be in good shape.

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    no sir, there is no white on the motor except to signify the compression ratios!


    i think this is the ghost model? i hope. thanks Sir

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